HR Outsourcing Services

Businesses often face challenges while maintaining their human resource operations professionally. This is where the need to outsource non-core yet important operations, like talent acquisition, to third-party specialists arises.

3 Point Human Capital is an HR outsourcing company where the team comes  with years of experience in helping various in-house HR teams concentrate on the bigger picture.

Top Benefits of Choosing 3 Point Human Capital for HR Outsourcing Services

3 Point Human Capital offers tangible benefits when it comes to outsourcing HR. By choosing us, you get to free up your schedule and devote your time in developing an effective strategy to improve your organization’s overall performance.

By opting for our HR outsourcing services, you can leave the tedious and non-strategic administrative tasks to us and focus on the more important agendas of the company.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing us as your HR outsourcing company:

  • Cost efficiency – save huge on overall company costs

  • Access to HR expertise and skills that might not be available in-house

  • Better access to talented candidates in case there is a need for hiring

  • More streamlined operations and time to focus on important employee-related activities

Our HR Outsourcing Services

We offer an extensive range of services so that you can rely on us for 360-degree solutions to HR related activities.

Here is our list of HR outsourcing services:

  • Employee counseling and motivation

  • Performance appraisal management

  • Background checks on prospective employees

  • Temporary and specialized workforce staffing

  • Improved HR IT systems

  • Increased flexibility in HR operations

3 Point Human Capital is one of the most trusted HR outsourcing companies because we understand the unique requirements of each organization and helps you fulfill your special needs for staffing, interviewing and hiring, performance management, etc.

What is the Need for Human Resource Outsourcing?

A human resource team is not only responsible for hiring talented individual individuals but also for maintaining employee engagement, defining employee goals, increasing overall business productivity, making a reward system, etc. However, all this can be difficult to achieve in-house. And so, it is best to hire an HR outsourcing firm.

  • Get temporary or part-time support for a project

  • Solve complex personnel issues

  • Cover for unexpected absence of an HR member

  • Get projects completed in short deadlines (updating policies, employee communications, etc.)

Why Should You Choose 3 Point Human Capital for HR Outsourcing Needs?

3 Point Human Capital is one of the most trusted and reliable HR outsourcing firms.
Here’s what you get when you choose us as your partner:

  • Access to a highly experienced team of HRs

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Highly improved IT system to manage business operations

  • Extra time to focus on core business objectives

  • Domain expertise in shared HR services

Let us know what you need and we will be there to serve you.