Staffing Agency Services

Around 90% of businesses today use the staffing services today. Whether it is permanent, temporary, or contract hiring, most rely on the expertise of a staffing agency to deliver the right talent to their company, thus helping quicken overall business productivity.

3 Point Human Capital is one of the leading staffing solutions providers in India. We leverage our years of networking, operating, and professional expertise to bring you the right talent that are ideal for your business growth.

How Does Our Staffing Services Process Work?

3 Point Human Capital is a staffing agency that follows a stringent procedure to offer you top-notch and hassle-free staffing solutions.

Here are the steps involved in our staffing services process.

  • Once we have understood your requirements, we sign a formal contract to hire on your behalf.

  • Organizations may need permanent or temporary staffing. We help you find the right talent in both facades, who can help add to the overall success of your organization.

  • Instead of looking for candidates using online portals, we source them from our network to ensure that they fit your requirements perfectly.

  • We then interview and shortlist candidates on your behalf and arrange the final meeting with your staff.

  • Once you have chosen the most appropriate candidate, we negotiate salaries and help close the position.

  • 3 Point also takes care of all onboarding documentation and processes in case the candidate is to be placed on our payroll.

We Offer Different Types of Staffing Solutions

3 Point Human Capital is a trusted staffing agency that offers end-to-end staffing solutions. Our services range from temporary staffing to permanent staffing.

  • Hiring: We are experts at fulfilling your permanent as well temp staffing needs by using our 20 years of networking to source talent from across the country.

  • Processing: We go through each profile to shortlist candidates based on your business’s exact needs. Our staffing services are domain oriented and we intend to give you only the right fit for the position you need to fill.

  • Retaining: We have strong HR analytics capability to retain the desired employee as per your needs.

How Does 3 Point Human Capital Help Businesses with Temporary Staffing?

Temporary Staffing or “temp staffing” is where companies hire candidates to work for them, but the employees are on roll of a staffing agency like 3 Point Human Capital. We offer both payroll processing and employment benefits as part of our staffing solutions.

3 Point Human Capital has industry expertise when it comes to temporary staffing. By choosing us, you will be able to focus on your core business operations, as we will take care of all the staffing needs, bringing you a pool of talented candidates that fit your needs.

Why Should You Choose 3 Point For Your Staffing Agency Services?

Choosing 3 Point Human Capital as your staffing agency will not only help you find the right candidate for your business needs, but also spare you ample time to focus on core business operations.

  • We take care of all temporary staffing and payroll processing needs.

  • We have presence in cities all across India and are well connected to a pool of talented individuals across geographies.

  • We maintain close communication between both your company and the temp employee throughout the hiring process.

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