Permanent Placement

3 Point Human Capital has been serving a number of companies with the most suited manpower for a long time. We have now become the trusted placement agency for some of the biggest names in FMCG, finance, trade, logistics, and IT sector.

From small to large enterprises, we offer placement services to source the right candidates no matter the size of your company. Our network is huge and well-connected across India and we make it a point to bring you candidates that can culturally fit your organization.

Key Features & Benefits of Placement Consultancy Services

One of the most difficult things about HR functioning is sourcing, screening, and scheduling a client. This not only takes up a significant amount of time, but also costs an amount that is equivalent to half the salary of the candidate.

This is where hiring a placement company can turn things around and offer the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the turnaround time of talent hiring

  • Access to talented candidates in a number of cities across India

  • Placement services for hiring candidates specializing in your domain

  • Overall reduction in cost of operation

How Does A Placement Consultancy Process work?

3 Point Human Capital is a placement service provider that follows a strict hiring process to ensure top-notch talent sourcing for your esteemed organization.

Here’s the process our placement company follows.

  • We organize a meeting with your company to understand your profile requirement

  • We then look for matching candidates in our network and on social media

  • We source the candidates and send their profiles your way for screening

  • Finally, we schedule the interview and help with salary discussions to close the profile

Why are Placement Consultancy Services required for Your Business?

There are many benefits to opting for a placement consultancy. Not only does it reduce time, but also helps save a lot in terms of cost.

Here are the benefits of working with a placement service provider like us:

  • Access to an extensive database of candidates

  • Our head hunters strive to only send across the profiles that are an exact match to what you’re looking for

  • There is a significant reduction in the overall time of hiring process

  • Customized placement services for specific needs and budget

Why Should you Choose 3 Point as Your Placement Consultancy Agency?

3 Point Human Capital is one of the best HR agencies in India, owing to the assistance we provide to our clients in hiring the right candidates matching their specific business needs.

Here are the benefits of choosing us for placement services.

  • Unique customer-centric approach

  • Expertise in hiring for middle-management roles

  • Domain expertise in various industries

  • Access to a number of cities across India