Contract staffing agencies are recruitment firms that help businesses in fulfilling their staffing needs, both immediate and long-term. Contract staffing is a more flexible mode of hiring candidates. It is mostly used for hiring expert talent for particular projects or for a particular time frame. Although it looks like an informal association between the contract staffing agency and the organization looking for candidates, it is far from it. A formal contract is mutually signed by both the parties involved. The contract staffing agency handles everything from screening, interviews, and selection procedure to employee contracts, payrolls, and more.

What is contract staffing?

Hiring talented staff as per the current demand on a temporary basis as specified by a contract is called contract staffing. Competent and qualified candidates, when and where required, help an organization to meet its goals and deliver the promises on time, without any additional burden on the company. This is what a contract staffing company helps you with.
3 Point Human Capital Pvt. Ltd. provides contract staffing services as per the specific needs and demands of an organization. We help you get the right candidate to fulfil your short term or long term goals. This helps an organization to deliver its products and services to its clients quickly. Contracted staff is generally assigned with a specific task and paid a pre-decided amount, as per the mutual agreement.

Why is contract staffing important?

  • Contract staffing services play an important role in achieving short-term goals. It facilitates finding out efficient and trained staff for an organization. Many projects cannot wait for long and are required to be fulfilled in a specific time period. Short term contract staffing services help companies add the professional workforce selectively and as per their requirement.
  • Contract staffing agencies work as a strong alternative to hire talented individuals, without any additional financial burden on the company. The staff is paid on an hourly basis or as per the job assigned, and therefore this is cost effective
  • No specific training is required to train your employees, as the contract staff hired is already trained as per the necessary skills required for the company. The contract staff is sometimes highly specialised, and so, it is difficult for an organization to hire individuals quickly. This is why it is best to take advantage of hiring a contract staffing service provider.
  • Contract staffing is a time-saving process, as it eliminates long stages of the hiring process. You can hire temporary talent to start your work process as soon as possible.
  • Contract staffing solutions also help save money in health insurance, daily allowance, provident funds, etc.
  • It helps the management to fill in the immediate requirement of manpower when there are promotions, transfers, retirements, etc.

Steps in contract staffing

The components of the staffing process include:

  1. Estimation of Manpower requirement: The assessment of numbers and type of manpower required by an employee is the first step. It is most important to analyze the specific requirement with the total number of expected staff required for a company. The contract staffing agency analyzes workload with the workforce to calculate the required staff and arrange the total number of staff required.
  2. Recruitment: A contracting staffing agency attracts more and more people to apply for the job. This helps them to select the most competent staff with better choices. Contract staffing companies contact various placement consultants, contractors, employment exchange, and print out advertisements in the local newspapers to search for the right candidates for the job required.
  3. Selection: This part of the contract staffing process includes the scrutiny of the deserving candidate who fulfils all the requirements of the desired job. The process includes interviews, tests, group discussions, etc. The main aim of the procedure is to find out the right candidate for the right job.
  4. Placement: Allocation of rank to the suitable candidate is known as the placement of the candidate to a company. The candidate is allocated the role for which they were hired and can now start fulfilling the roles and responsibilities they were hired for. The candidate is required to work as per the responsibilities assigned to them, maintaining harmony with the other staff of the organization.

Functions of a Contract Staffing Company

Contract staffing agencies work with skilled professionals to provide the perfect solution to the hiring companies. These short-term contract staffing companies evaluate and suggest the right candidates who can deliver the best results to a company. The main function of the staffing company is to find qualified staff to work and deliver contract staffing solutions as per the company’s requirements. They help in finding the right fit for the job.
Besides supplying human resources, the staffing agency may also take care of employee payrolls, conduct training programs, the orientation of employees, etc.


A well-trained staff is an asset to a company. Contract staffing services help in providing you with the best suitable candidate for the desired job. They offer contract staffing solutions to supplement the HR strategy of the client with the right kind of talent. Since a contract worker is less demanding as they are temporary in nature, it is always advisable to engage their services and save money and time.

3 Point Human Capital is a trusted name when it comes to contract staffing solutions. Our clients can vouch for the quality of our talent. No matter the nature of your business or requirements, we have everything and more that you would look for in a contract staffing company.