What is Manpower Supply?

A manpower supply agency is involved in providing human capital. It matches skilled workers with organizations that need specialized employees. Manpower supply companies can offer a host of services, especially when it comes to job placement, pairing skilled workers on a temporary basis with organizations that are finding it hard to deal with an unexpectedly high volume of work in a particular department or function.

Importance and Benefits of Manpower Supply

The process of hiring people, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, comes with several challenges that many companies can deal with while others find it tough to work their way around them. If you are also facing problems, you need to find yourself a reputable manpower supply company. There are several manpower supply benefits that you will be able to enjoy working with that company. Here are a few:

  • Cost-effective manpower supply services
  • Help you reduce your burden associated with manpower supply
  • Minimize risks associated with hiring
  • Help you be more flexible
  • Negotiate salaries on your behalf

GST on Manpower Supply

It is imperative to know about the prevalent GST on manpower supply before you move ahead. Knowing the GST on manpower supply services will help you understand as a company about the tax the manpower supply company is charging you. GST on manpower supply services, labour services, staffing and recruitment services (both temporary and permanent) stands at 18%. So, a manpower supply agency can only charge you 18% as a service charge for manpower supply services.

Things to Remember while Choosing a Manpower Supply Agency

  • When you are thinking of working with a manpower supply agency, your focus should always be on making sure that you are choosing the right one for your needs. There are a few essential things that you need to look for in a manpower supply company.
  • You should know for how long has the manpower supply service in this business. Companies that have been around for a while always have a better network of workers to choose from.
  • It is also essential to know that the manpower supply agency that you are going to work with has expertise in hiring people for the position that you are looking for.
  • It would help if you also had a clear idea about their sourcing, screening, and selection processes. It will help you in finding out whether a manpower supply company is right for you or not.
  • Also, make sure that you discuss the cost of manpower supply service well in advance. It will help you in avoiding differences later
  • Ask the manpower supply company about the size of the talent pool that they have access to. You need to know whether it has enough people that match the skills that you are looking for
  • They should offer you a clear plan on how their manpower supply services are going to provide you with the best return on your employment investment


Every business wants to maintain a competitive edge over its competitors. One way of doing it is to find a manpower supply agency that understands your company and industry well. 3 Point Human Capital is a manpower agency that puts effort into understanding your business needs and helps you hire the best and most talented temporary, permanent, as well as contract staff so that you can focus your energy on important business operations.