What are Manpower Delivery Services?

Hiring the right people for different roles or functions is no easy job, more so when you are not used to hiring for that pay grade, position, or function. When you are hiring people for a position or function that you are used to hiring for, you will always have a network that you can turn to for finding the right people. You will know how to conduct interviews, what questions to ask, and what to look for in candidates. You will be comfortable hiring for those positions.

But when you are hiring for a function or role that you haven’t hired for before, it can be challenging, time consuming and expensive to build this hiring network from scratch. One of the best options available for you to ensure that the people you eventually hire are good enough for their respective roles is taking advantage of manpower services. Whether you are looking to hire temporary or permanent workers, you manpower delivery service providers can help you find the required resources.

Process of Manpower Delivery Services

Suppose you have a week to hire 100 people for different positions across different locations. This could be a difficult job for your company’s internal HR team. If your HR people are based in Delhi, they will have a database at the ready that they can access to find candidates for open positions in Delhi. What if you need people in different locations? In Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and others? You will be asking too much of your in-house HR team to hire for all these locations, and that too, in a week’s time. In these situations, the most efficient and strategically appropriate solution is to bring on board a manpower supply company, which can help you hire the best talent across roles and functions, within a tight deadline.

A manpower supply company has thousands of candidates in its database that allows it to fulfil manpower supply demands in the most timely and cost-effective manner.. Most of these companies have a simple objective of adding value to the recruitment process of their client, which they do by ensuring that their manpower quality meets their clients’ requirements, working closely with the in-house HR team to close these roles.

Why are Manpower Delivery Services required?

The answer to this question would depend on the needs of a company. What are you expecting your manpower recruitment firm to do for you? Do you want them to supplement your database with more options? Do you want them to expand your company’s hiring reach? The objectives could be multi dimensional. 3 Point Human Capital helps its clients by sending them candidates that they can hire if they find them suitable for their respective roles. Manpower delivery services offered by 3 Point don’t take the decision-making power out of your hands. You have the final say in choosing the people who you think suit your needs best. 3 Point just bridges the gap between you and the best talent.

It is not always the HR function that is hiring for people. It could be the sales function or the IT function or any other for that matter. So the final decision of hiring a candidate rests with the function that is looking to hire new people.

Reasons to Choose Manpower Services

There can be many reasons why you want to hire a manpower agency. We are going to discuss a few common ones.

Assists the internal HR team:

The job of a manpower agency is to support the internal HR function of a company. It does this by sending the internal team candidates that it can choose from. Companies choose manpower services because they have a greater reach, database of thousands of candidates, and quick turnaround time.

Helps in hiring for multiple functions/location:

As we already alluded to a little earlier in the blog, a manpower supply company can help you hire for those functions and roles that you don’t have experience in. You don’t need to worry about hiring a few candidates for a pay grade or function that you haven’t hired for before. You just need to look for a manpower agency to help you with that.  Even if you are looking to hire for multiple locations, you will not have any problems when you have a manpower agency by your side. 3 Point Human Capital can help you hire for different positions in more than 200 locations across India.

Increases your company’s flexibility:

A manpower supply company can provide you with the solutions to all your permanent and temporary manpower needs. A good company will adhere to a timeline that you both mutually agreed upon. A manpower recruitment agency can also help you find a candidate with specific skills for a particular project. They can bring you talent matching your requirements.

Assists with ongoing hiring:

Suppose a project has a very high attrition rate. So there is an ongoing requirement for hiring in that project. There could be a need to hire a specific number of people in that project. You don’t want to put efforts and time in hiring those people every month. Let a manpower agency do that job for you.


Hiring new employees with the right skills and experience can be a tough, costly, time-consuming job. You can make this job easier for your HR and yourself by bringing on board the right manpower recruitment agency, and win in the market with the right talent on your side.