What is a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency caters to both the parties involved in the employment cycle – employer and employee. It assists companies in finding the right candidates to fill open positions. At the same time, it helps job seekers find jobs that match their qualifications, skills, and experience. There are several advantages of working with a placement agency. Companies that realize the importance of employment agencies before they are stuck in the job market looking for the right candidates who fit their requirements are able to see significant improvement in their business processes without any hassles.

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

There are plenty of advantages to hiring recruitment agencies. The most important thing is that a recruitment firm works as an extension of your in-house recruitment team to help you look for suitable candidates in different parts of the country. Other benefits of hiring an employment agency are listed below:

  • Get Access to a Large Pool of Qualified Candidates: Working with recruitment agencies helps you get access to not only more candidates but also those who have specialization in your business areas. What you get with a recruitment firm are many candidates that have already been evaluated on their necessary skills. So you interview people who have already gone through the preliminary round of assessment.Placement agencies meet hundreds of candidates daily and have a large database of qualified candidates in different parts of India. Employment agencies follow best practices to ensure that they strike the perfect match between job seekers and employers.
  • Save Time and Effort Needed for Direct Hiring: Another essential benefit of working with a recruitment agency is that the turnaround time for closing a position is relatively short. A recruitment firm wouldn’t find it too challenging to look for the right candidates, given that they specialize in hiring for different roles and have a large database of talented individuals.Think about it this way. Say you need to hire 20 candidates on a contractual basis for a new project that’s scheduled to start within 10 days. Seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? With a recruitment agency, this can be resolved quickly! They have access to thousands of potential candidates, can quickly find the ones who fit your needs, and send them your way!
  • Save Money on Advertising: A recruitment firm helps you save a lot of money from different avenues. One of these avenues is advertising. If you were to hire candidates yourself, you would have to advertise job openings on online and offline portals, which is a very costly affair. But with an employment agency, you don’t have to spend on advertising at all. Everything will be taken care of by your recruitment agency. All you would be required to do is choose the best candidate for your project!
  • Industry Knowledge: Recruitment firms work with both job seekers and employers. This association helps them understand how recruitment works from both sides. That is the reason you can trust your placement agency to offer you valuable advice on different things related to hiring. By working with an employment agency, you gain insights into how different things work. You become better at understanding career expectations, salary rates, job market trends, hiring complexities, and skill sets, amongst other things.
  • Recruitment Expertise: Every growing organization will need the assistance of a recruitment firm at some point. When you grow, you will have to hire people with different skills. Your internal team may not know about hiring for these positions. It is why you need a placement agency to help you. Recruitment agencies have staff that is proficient in interviewing candidates belonging to a particular industry or possessing a specific skill set. Whether it is a technical role or a non-technical role that you are hiring for, you can trust employment agencies to assist you with the hiring.

How to Choose the Best Recruitment Agency?

There is no standard procedure or a list of guidelines that you can follow on how to choose a recruitment agency for your needs. It all depends on your business and its recruitment needs. The only thing that matters is that the recruitment firm that you are going to hire should have the resources, tools, and technology to help you find the right people for your open positions. As long as the employment agency can do this, you won’t have a single problem with the quality of your hired candidates.


Working with a recruitment agency is the perfect way of hiring skilled people, while saving time and money in the process. 3 Point Human Capital is an industry leader when it comes to recruitment and hiring. We offer a unique customer-centric talent hunt process and have expertise in hiring for middle-management roles. We also have access to talented candidates in 100+ cities in the country.